Professional Photostudio

- Hohlkehle/Cyclorama 6.6m
- Room Height/Höhe 4m
- 24hrs access by KeyTresor system
- Curtain system for Cyclorama and to shade the space completely
- Dayrates from 400/Day, Larger Productions 500/Day,   Non Commercial Weekend Specials.
- Suitable for video shoots
- Perfect for E-Commerce photography
- InHouse Equipment for Rent see PDF below
- Foba Ceiling Rail System for overhead lighting
- Optional room for styling, MakeUp, etc.
- Amazing daylight studio
- Space can be rented for other purposes upon request
- Located 1Min from Freeway Exit, Public Transportation (Tram 4, Toni Areal) in front of the    Building
- Parking on the rooftop

Tram Station, Toni Areal, Tram 4, Studio Building in the Background, access through glass cube.

 Rental Equipment Studio / PDF